St. Stephen's Episcopal Preschool

(located on the 2nd Floor of the Parish Hall, a building adjacent to the church building)
199 W. Baltimore Avenue at Church Street
Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania 19018
Phone No. 610-623-3900                                                 Website:  www.stsecpreschool.org
Our Mission
St. Stephen's Episcopal Preschool was established by St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in 2004 as an outreach ministry dedicated to serving the needs of our children, their families, and the community.
We recognize that children are individuals who grow and develop at their own pace.  The learning environment should be one that allows each child to feel some measure of success, regardless of his/her skill level.  When children feel successful, they gain the self-confidence necessary to meet the next challenge.  A special emphasis must also be placed on developing a positive self-image.  Only when children feel good about themselves can they learn to love, respect, and appreciate the world around them.
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Click here to visit the Facebook page of
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church